Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Spoiler: Lady Love Gwen Stacy to Die? Review; Box Office Record

Amazing Spider-Man 2Spider-Man Peter Parker’s lady love Gwen Stacy will face tragic death in the sequel “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and Emma Stone’s character will be over in the film.

Reports said Gwen or Emma Stone dressed in a thigh-high boot, mini skirt and green jacket, falls off to her death while the Superman was battling his former friend Harry. His web fails to reach and protect her in time and she falls off to her death.

“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me!” Spider-Man cries.

The final scene of the movie also has funeral function portrayed with Parker attending it with his aunt, unlike the other Spiderman series where Harry’s funeral was shown.

Film Review:

Spider-Man caught in a battle to oblige as common man Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. Peter Parker has to sacrifice his love life or disappoint his lady love Gwen, to carry out the great responsibility of protecting the his fellow New Yorkers from the villains.

Besides Electro, who is a far more powerful than Spider-Man and his old friend, Harry Osborn, the heir to the Oscorp empire and Peter Parker’s childhood friend who is dying of an inherited disease, takes centre stage as his only hope is an experiment Peter’s late father was working on.

IMDb has given the film 7.6 out of 10 while Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie 56%. Us Magazine’s Mara Reinstein, giving the movie 3.5 stars out of 4.

The pair Andrew Garfield and Stone, who are real life couple, have portrayed the lead characters.

Box Office Record:

As expected, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has amassed $95 million in its first weekend after its release on April 30 in the United States and India over the weekend, possibly even topping “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” as 2014’s highest grossing movie.

In the UK, Asia and India, the sequel has already crossed $150 million in box office collections, said reports.

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