Amanda Knox freed, who’s guilty then?

Meredith Kerchner's photo

The sensational murder trial of British university exchange student Meredith Kerchner by her roommates Amanda Knox, Rudy Guede and Raffaele Sollecito in November 2007 took a twist on Monday with the jury acquitting Amanda and her friend.

Kercher was a Leeds University student from Coulsdon in Surrey in 2007 when she was killed in Perugia. Her roommates and Rudy were suspected and the four-year trial became sensational as it involved the US, British and Italian audience.

In fact, Meredith, daughter of an Indian-born housewife and a journalist father, would have resisted the sexual orgy and become a target of hate crime that led to her death.

But Guede did not act alone and who are the other culprits remains to be probed further.

For Meredith family, who could not afford to attend the trial regularly compared to Amanda’s parents who were supported by by a huge PR machinery, will have to return home by a budget airliner but the detailed track of their daughter’s heinous killing will remain untraceable for now.

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