Reigning Miss Universe Gabriela will crown the next on Sunday. (Photo courtesy: Miss Univers official website)

All Set for Miss Universe Pageant; Where to Watch Live? Live Streaming Information; Top 5 Predictions

The Miss Universe beauty pageant will see all the 88 contestants vying for the top honour of being crowned Miss Universe 2014 in few minutes from now at Florida International University, Miami-Doral in Florida.

The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant will see outgoing Miss Univese Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, the third winner from the country in the last six years and seventh overall.

When: January 25, 2015
Start Time: 8 p.m. EST (Monday Morning 6 AM IST)
TV: NBC, Telemundo (Zee Cafe TV channel in India)
Where: Florida International University, Miami-Doral, Florida.

Live Streaming: Click Here 


Judges: Kristin Cavallari, a TV personality, William Levy, also a TV actor, Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Manny Pacquiao, world fame Filipino congressman and eight-division world champion boxer, Louise Roe, a Fashion Journalist.

The preliminary round that includes swimsuit, evening gown, and interview categories had been held on Jan. 21.

This year’s top favourites include candidates from Colombia, Mexico, India, the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, and the Philippines. In fact, the candidates from Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela and the Philippines were the top 5 in last year’s pageant.

India’s Nayonita is not in the top favourites, nor Indian-origin contestants Rathi Menon from Singapore and Pallavi Gungaram from Maritius.

Top 5 Predictions: This year’s top 5 favourites include candidates from the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, USA and Spain and here are their profiles at a glance:



Mary Jean Lastimosa (Miss Philippines) – the Philippines beauty queen, with a huge fan following and support online, has scored maximum number os Facebook likes and YouTube page views for her interview.

AGE: 27

HOMETOWN: North Cotabato
HEIGHT: 5’ 9”

LANGUAGE: Filipino, English

Profile: Mary Jean Lastimosa is a beauty queen with passion for charity and public service though she was born in a war-torn province with political insurgencies.

She has learned the values of courage and became determined to excel in academics. Her surroundings did not stop her from pursuing her passion for dancing, music and performance arts. This also inspired her to work under the city government to work on education and child welfare projects.

She took on the challenging course of Computer Engineering with the help of three scholarships and graduated. Her faith led  her to be a successful entrepreneur and a beauty queen.
Since high school, Mary Jean has always been deemed by her friends as the ‘love doctor,’ giving advice about relationships.

She likes visiting theme parks in different countries. She can spend her whole day trying out all the rides in theme parks over and over again.

She says she is a kid magnet. There was an instance during an outreach event where the baby she was playing with wouldn’t go with her mom when she needed to take her for an operation. The baby cried so hard because she wanted Mary Jean to carry her, and so she ended up being the one to take her inside the operating room.


Miss Colombia Paulina Vega (Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Official Website)

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega (Photo Courtesy: Miss Universe Official Website)

Paulina Vega (Miss Colombia) – With elegant look and walk and nocturnal lagophthalmos, her eyes may spell the winning number and her height at 5 feet and 9 inches should dominate the stage on Saturday.

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Barranquilla;HEIGHT: 5’ 9” LANGUAGE: Spanish, English

Paulina Vega was born on January 15, 1993 in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is the daughter of cardiologist Rodolfo Vega Llamas and Laura Dieppa, and granddaughter of the legendary tenor Gatsón Vega. She is also the grandaughter of Elvira Castillo, Miss Atlántico 1953 (Colombia).

She studies business administration at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota. She has been a model since she was 8 years old. Paulina belongs to a big family, four sisters and three brothers. She graduated from a German school in Colombia, and speaks English and a bit of French.

In the Miss Universe Colombia pageant she earned the highest score possible in every presentation, 9.9. During her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and friends, and going to the park with her dog Mateo.


She sleeps with her eyes open. It’s confusing because people don’t know if she is awake or asleep!

Every time she has a break at the gym, she dances like a crazy person. The more people looking at her, the funnier she thinks it gets.

She loves to make checklists of everything she has to do to be sure she doesn’t forget anything.


Nia Sanchez (Miss U.S.A.) – Sanchez, who was a princess character at Disney World, is a Mexican-American with a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Her life with her mother in a women’s shelter may mesmerize the judges.

Miss USA

Miss USA

AGE: 24 HOMETOWN: Las Vegas

HEIGHT: 5’ 8” LANGUAGE: English
Nia Sanchez was born and raised in Sacramento until age 7. From there, her love of travel began, as she moved between California and Washington. After high school, she moved to Europe to become a nanny. Not one to stay still for too long, Nia traveled to the Middle East, Austria and Switzerland.

Nia is half Hispanic, which is why she loved having the opportunity to travel to Mexico on mission trips. In 2009, she saw a close friend take the title of Miss USA and decided to get into pageantry. She has competed both domestically and internationally with great success.

Nia has worked as a full-time model for the past seven years and was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be a face character for Hong Kong Disney. After visiting Thailand and the Great Wall of China, Nia made the bright lights of Las Vegas her home. She is modeling full time and enjoying her reign as Miss USA 2014.

She has been to over 15 countries, and plans to go to more this year.

She is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and also a certified instructor.

She was a Face Character at Disneyland in the United States and internationally as well!

Migbelis Castellanos (Miss Venezuela) – The 19-year-old Venezuelan may take the trophy if judges look away on the fact that she would be the consecutive Miss Universe winner for the second time in both the country and the pageant’s history. A student of journalism, her hobbies include watching baseball and cooking complex dishes.

Miss Venezuela  (Photo courtesy: Miss Universe official website)

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos
(Photo courtesy: Miss Universe official website)

AGE: 19 HOMETOWN: Cabimas;HEIGHT: 5’ 7” ;LANGUAGE: Spanish, English;

Migbelis Lynette Castellanos was born in Cabimas, Zulia State in Venezuela on June 7, 1995. She is the middle child of Isbelia Romero and Miguel Castellanos and has two siblings.

She studied at the U.E. Jesus Anibal Alfonso and graduated high school in 2010 with high marks. In 2011, she began her university studies in Social Communications and Politics.

She decided to compete for Miss Universe Venezuela at the age of seventeen, and won against all odds. She has always enjoyed baseball and is very patriotic.

Migbelis has a bad habit of putting her feet on a table.
She enjoys cooking and knows how to prepare a lot of dishes, but she has a hard time with easy recipes such as pasta.

She always sets her alarm one hour earlier than she needs to actually get up.


Desiree Cordero (Miss Spain) – Representing her country for the second time in row, Cordero ended up as the first runner-up at Miss Universe 2013 and may not let it go off her sight this year. A model and kickboxing player, she is still one of the top favourites this year.

Miss Spain

Miss Spain

AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: Seville; HEIGHT: 5’ 9” ; LANGUAGE: Spanish

Desiré Cordero Ferrer was born on September 30, 1993 in Seville (Mairena of Alajarafe). She has been working as a model since the age of 15, and internationally since she was 17. Ferrer was able to live in countries such as Turkey, England, France and Italy thanks to her modeling career.

She also visited places like Zurich, Dusseldorf, Stockholm and Moscow for her profession. She likes sports, being with her family and friends, and spending time with her dog, Hera. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts and would like to continue studying oceanology.

Ferrer is a cheerful, optimistic young woman, who fights for her dreams. People also describe her as humble and caring. She loves traveling and experiencing other cultures.

Her father is a pilot and he has an small airplane. One time he flew her from Seville to Madrid, the capital city of Spain, for her first date with her now current boyfriend because she missed her train.

When she was a child, her grandmother was too busy to go to the supermarket so she gave her and her cousin money to go buy food. However, instead of getting vegetables they bought a wonderful puppy. Imagine her grandma´s face.

She went to Dusseldorf for a work assignment and had to fly from Madrid, but there was a strike so she was forced to stay in the airport for three days. She was committed to complete the job, so she stuck it out. She was surprised when she found out that the production assignment only took an hour.

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