‘All Roads Lead to Rome’ sold worldwide

Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s upcoming romantic comedy film “All Roads Lead to Rome” has notched up sales for most of the world at the American Film Market.

The producers of the film are dealing across much of the world, including to StudioCanal for Australia/New Zealand, ZDF for Germanyn Corbi Media for Spain, California Filmes for Latin America and SPI for Eastern Europe for selling it worldwide, according to hollywoodreporter.com.

The story of the film centers on uptight Maggie (Parker) and her former Italian lover, Luca (Raoul Bova), who go on an exciting road trip across Italy pursuing Maggie’s rebellious teenage daughter (Rosie Day). Claudia Cardinale co-stars as Luca’s mother.

Directed by Ella Lemhagen, the film is currently under production. american Film Market or AFM is a film industry event held each year at the beginning of November in California.

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