Algebra, Pythogaras theorem Originated in India, reminds Science & Tech Minister Harshavardhan

Union Minister for Science and technology Dr. Harshvardhan on Saturday opened the ‘Pride of India Expo’ a mega science & technology exhibition showcasing technologies, leading scientific products and services of India’s leading public and private sectors, research labs and educational institutions, as part of the 102nd Indian Science Congress is being held at the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Harshvardhan said it is a matter of pride for India that both algebra and the Pythagoras’ theorem originated here but the credit has gone elsewhere as India in ancient times remained gracious to allow others to learn and give away the knowledge liberally.

“Our scientists discovered the Pythagoras theorem, but we have given the credit to the Greeks. We all know that we knew ‘beejganit’ much before the Arabs, but very selflessly we allowed it to be called Algebra. This is the base the Indian scientific community has maintained,” Vardhan said.

The Union minister noted that Indians have never used their knowledge of science for negative uses and the ancient knowledge about the solar system, medicine, chemistry or earth science have been shared liberally with other nationalities.

The organizers of the Expo in Mumbai perfectly suits the purpose of Indian Science Congress 2015 as this will provide an opportunity to the visitors going across the vision and viability of exhibits for use in the future, he said.

Major attractions at the exhibitions are the pavilions of Defence Research Development Organization, DRDO, showcasing defence related technologies, ISRO exhibiting actual scale models of rockets and satellite transponders, Mangalyan model etc. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Council of Medical Research also have stalls at the exhibition. ONGC is displaying latest oil drilling technologies.

Government of India has also put up a mega ‘Make In India’ exhibition highlighting the new initiative of the Prime Minister.

Leading Private sector companies and educational institutes like University of Mumbai, RTM Nagpur University are also present in the Pride of India Expo, 2015. The Pride of India Expo is spread across approximately 15,000 Sq. mt. and have the participation of over 250 premier organisations.

The exhibition will be open to public free of charge from tomorrow (January 04 to 07, 2015) The timing of the Expo will be from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm .

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