Airtel 4G modems now sold in 15 cities despite complaints galore

Airtel says its 4G handy modem with 10 connectible devices is now available in 15 cities and has raised its contact call with Airtel users without giving them the actual picture.

Airtel promises on its latest 4G LTE devices 3GB to 10 GB for varying rates of Rs.650 to 999 but the sales staff give different cap limits while in reality users who bought it complain that the device never gets more than 128 JBPS speed after 10 GB under the so-called fair usage limit.

While the sales staff give the cap at 512 kbps, in reality, it is not more than 128 kbps and when buyers pointed out, the prompt reply they get is to give a complaint to the grievances cell and before the users can react, the line goes dead.

With Airtel in monopoly in Bangalore, the complaints on 4G LTE usage have been many. One user on Mouthshut titled, “AIRTEL 4G LITE – Must Read This Before You Buy!” with sign in name laakidev on Nov 05, 2014 at 12:28 PM wrote: “On 1st Nov. during 9:40 PM to 11:30 PM session – I opened 12 pages – most text based – some google searches and 2 sports news pages. None had videos or big image files. I even calculated the total sizes of each of these page – 18 MB max counting all pages. Allowing for some remote call made by some other apps it cannot be more than 20 – 25 MB max within that period. Airtel showed me 450MB!”

In another similar complaint titled “Not worth it” one user tommy123blr wrote on Nov 11, 2014 at 03:07 PM : “I had opted for a 10GB bandwidth connection. Everything was working fine for couple of months, was getting around 10mbps speed. Then suddenly the signal strength dropped(my house is opposite to a cell tower) and airtel didn’t bother to address it-one of the service request analyst who came confirmed that there are signal problems, and then another one came later when I wasn’t there and said that the speed and signal are excellent and left.

Apart from this, once you exhaust your limit, the speed drops to 128kbps(seriously!) and this speed isn’t good enough even to buy the smartbytes! I had to write to support for recharge. 128kbps so bad that you are forced to upgrade.

Another thing to note is that when the speed is around 10mpbs, all the youtube videos stream at full hd so you will exhaust it no time.but after sometime the speed for “4G” was 0.4mbps. Glad that I moved away from it. It’s costly as well.”

In another bold complaint titled, “Airtel 4G cheating Bangalore” user georgianvillapala wrote on Oct 28, 2014 at 02:05 PM:
“I purchased airtel dongle one month back, since they promised they have good 4g coverage entire Bangalore. Am staying in HSR layout sector 1, 27th main road. Not even single LTE signal coverage. I approached airtel customer care & they are asking me 6 month time for getting signal. Really fed up with their service & going to stop . My airtel dongle number 9741373322.”

Numerous complaints but airtel is silent on answering them but aggressively calling its users with offers to sell 4G LTE in Bangalore with their new device that promises wi-fi connectivity to 10 devices but not giving the other side of the cap picture and the exact ground reality. Perhaps, TRAI is busy finalising the deals for its next auction.


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