Ahead of Diwali, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus Gear Up Doubling Smartphone Shipments

Moving away from the Dussehra festival discounts, both global smartphone giants Apple and Samsung will be pitched in a heavy discount battle in India with host of Chinese mobile makers gearing up for steep discount and online flash sale strategy including Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus, while Micromax, an indigenous firm, is equally in a combat mood.

While Diwali is no doubt, a major salesw season in India, for Apple this is the third year in a row to face a pitched battle with other mobile makers, as one-third of annual sales come from this single major festival in India.

Research firm Counterpoint said the technology market in India said the imports and local production together accounts for nearly 12 percent rise in the quarter from July to September reaching a staggering 28.3 million. India is the third largest market in the world for mobile manufacturers and the huge shipment orders or stockpiles over the last one month stood at more than 6 percent, according to Cybex Exim.

Apple Watch Launch today

Apple Watch Launch today

Moreover, the Diwali season, preceding the Christmas and New Year Eve, pave the path to greater sales throughout the season ahead as well until February when sales gradually decline as new models line up for attention.

Among the Chinese mobile makers, both Xiaomi and OnePlus are vying aggressively for the big chunk this year and xiaomi, which had substantially slowed down in the last month will rejuvenate for the Diwali as was seen last year, when it moved away from Flipkart-Only sales to maxsimum reach in every corner of the country.

OnePlus, which has done away with its Invite-Only sales strategy last quarter, is gearing up for the maximum push this Diwali and has reportedly diverted its shipments to other regions to India to cash in on the buyant demand for its new OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 smartphones launched in October.

Not far behind, Samsung, which was the top plaer in the Indian market said its production figures this time of the year will be high to meet the demand. Its production centres have reportedly been asked to work in shifts to maximize the production.

Besides the traditional players in India, Apple has upped the ante and doubled its shipments to India to 390,000 phones in October from about 10,000 in the previous month in view of the demand for its newly launched iPhone 6S,, besides the iPhone 6.

Even Micromax, currently rallying behing Samsung in the Indian market, has increased its stock to 5.5 million in the last three months while OnePlus increased its shipments by ten fold last month. China’s magin wand Xiaomi too increased its imports by 21% in October compared to its september figures and another smartphone maker Gionee imported 210,000 units in the last fortnight, said research reports.

Even Lenova has imported 1.48 million units in October with Intex and Lava gearing up for more shipments in the next few days.

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