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After the success of Breathe, now Maara of Madhavan hits Amazon Prime Video

Riding high on the success of Maara is R. Madhavan while hw already is still basking in the success of Breathe: Into The Shadows. Released on Amazon Prime Video on January 8th, Maara has seen great reception from fans and critics alike.

The success of the movie means R. Madhavan makes it 2 out of 2. Amazon Prime Video also served as the base for one of the successful web series of the star— Breathe: Into The Shadows.

R. Madhavan made his debut on Amazon Prime Video with the web series, Breathe. In the thriller series, the actor plays the role of father whose kid needs an organ donation for survival and he is willing to go to any lengths and measures to save his kid. The show was a commercial as well as critical hit.

Now, with Maara, R. Madhavan returns to Amazon Prime Video. Maara brings R. Madhavan back in the lover boy avatar that he is known for. Again, the movie has been received well by fans and critics alike with rave reviews. Touted to be the first hit of 2021, Maara has made Madhavan and Amazon Prime Video as the sure shot pair.

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Breathe, being the second ever original web series worked well for the plaftorm as well as the evergreen star and the second step in this pairing only helped push further the successful combination. Making the success a two out of two, it will not be long before we see Amazon Prime Video and R. Madhavan pair up again.

Maara is now streaming across 240 countries and territories, starring R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath in the lead. Catch it, if you still haven’t!

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