After Google, Amazon India Promotes Solar Power, Kickstarts New Online Store

As Google is opening more solar-based data centers around the world, Amazon too has jumped on the bandwagon in pursuit of the Indian ambition for renewable energy, with the opening a new store last month that sells an extensive range of solar-powered products in the country.

Amazon India is providing its customers a collection of household products including chargers, fans, lanterns and lights as well installation kits, solar panels and other components to make the home as energy efficient as possible.

As the solar energy equipment is rather expensive, those with smaller budget can opt for the lantern and either way, Amazon said it has brought out eco-friendly products and given access across the country to energy saving items.

This new solar power store is just one of the few initiatives that many firms have launched recently in consonance with the government’s recent energy policy. One of these policies includes producing 33.4 gigawatts of solar energy by 2022.

Evidently, most of this will come from utility plants, but Indian residents can also make a difference by purchasing these solar-powered items rather than using appliances that traditionally run on fossil fuels and are destructive to the environment. The move also opens up to the fact that India is faced with increasing deaths by heatstroke instead of harnessing the solar power adequately.

As the death count for the current heat wave exceeds 2,300, the demand for renewable energy sources has gone through the roof. As reported earlier in the Indian media,  the energy poverty rate is a good indicator of a nation’s overall development, and India has shown very little improvement of late.

“Around 306.2 million people in India lack access to electricity, perhaps the largest energy access challenge anywhere in the world,” said Seema Javed. Installing panels and implementing solar related strategies are a huge step towards nation-wide access and a milder climate in the long run.

The heat has also had drastic effects on neighboring countries such as Pakistan and the rest of the Middle East. With year-round sunshine in this region, the Middle East would benefit greatly from increased investment in solar energy, though numerous institutions are still financing projects for oil exploration and gas compressor station repairs opposed to the growing need for solar energy in households across the continent.

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