After Blue Whale, a Stranded Dolphin Surfaces Near Alibaug Beach

An Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin measuring 6-ft came ashore from the sea creek at Dharamtar near Alibaug but 14 hours alter returned into the sea, said officials, who were fresh on the recent blue whale that was buried on the beach last week.

The dolphin swam nearly 40 kilometres from the sea towards the Amba river, said forest official N Vasudevan, who rushed to the spot to guide the marine creature return. “By late night (Wednesday), the dolphin found its way back to the sea,” he said.

Last week a mammoth blue whale that came ashore could not be returned into the sea despite massive efforts and it died stranded on Revdanda beach near Alibaug, where many stranded aquatic animals end up. However, dolphin is new for the river and many villagers gathered when they heard about, said reports.

Unlike the whale, dolphins have a communication wave emanating from their sounds that can reach other dolphins in the vicinity informing its location. This could have led to three other dolphins sighted within 20 kilometres of range from Dharamtar creek, which explains that the stranded dolphin could have managed to send powerful soundwaves to its mates.

 “The dolphins usually communicate with other group members through powerful sound waves. After the stranded dolphin found its way, the others too went back,” Vasudevan, who is also a marine biologist himself told the media.

Since Raigad coast is shallow, many marine creatures get confused and strand into the river and wash ashore. Last week, a massive blue whale washed ashore and died on the beach where it was buried. The entire beach area is currently stinking, said reports.

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