Adnan Rasool of Lahore Lions Suspected of Teampering Ball Against KKR

rasoolIn last evening match against KKR, Lahore Lions bowler Adnan Rasool has been reported for a suspected illegal bowling action during the Oppo CLT20 match played in Hyderabad.

The bowler was reported by on-field umpires Kumar Dharamsena and C. Shamshuddin, along with third umpire Anil Chaudhary, after the match and under the CLT20 Suspected Illegal Bowling Action policy, Rasool may request an Official Assessment from the BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee.

Mr. Rasool has been placed on the warning list but may continue to play and bowl for his team in a match.

Under the CLT20 Suspected Illegal Bowling Action policy, if a player receives a report while on the warning list, the player shall be suspended from bowling for the remainder of the tournament and from bowling in any matches organised by the BCCI until such date as he is cleared.

Once suspended, a player may continue to be selected to play in matches but he will not be entitled to bowl.

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