Actress Sunny Leone is all praised by Rannvijay

The MTV roadies fame Host-actor Rannvijay Singh heaps the praises on actress Sunny Leone says, that she is an amazing person to work with, as the duo will be hosting a TV show.

Reportedly, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay will be hosting the eighth season of “Splitsvilla” which will be commencing from July 4 on MTV.

According to PTI, praising Leone, Rannvijay said, “She is very cool, funny, loves to chill. She is by far the nicest person I have worked with. It was amazing working with her.”

Rannvijay also expressed that he felt insecure when his wife and Sunny Leone got along very well.

“Sunny and my wife (Priyanka Vohra) have become great friends… They have had dinner together. I was feeling insecure as my wife and Sunny are getting along so well,” the “MTV Roadies” host was quoted by PTI.

It’s been seven years since Rannvijay hasn’t hosted the show, and the actor quite is thrilled to be part of it again.

According to PTI reports, Rannvijay said,”I did the first season that was about two boys from Roadies looking for love. I do believe in love. I think everybody should. This is the only place (show) where you test your limits for love.I wanted to be back and the opportunity to work with Sunny was great. I am happy I took this decision. We had lots of fun while shooting this show. Hopefully people will like it,” he added.

Reportedly, talking about the show’s theme Rannvijay said that they themselves don’t know what they want. Their taste changes quite often. Their choice changes.

When asked what women want, he syas they want chivalry, humour, respect from partner, which are basic things. Besides this they don’t want over protective, possessive man in life. “It is a learning curve for me as well,” he said.

Leone had told PTI, “I am excited to be back on the show. I want to see what the boys will come up with to woo the women they like. I have had a lot of fun shooting with all these wonderful contestants.”

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