Abhishek Bachchan Stuck in Chennai Floods, SrBachchan Tweets ‘Chennai Deluged’

Actor Abhishek Bachchan during the promotion of film happy new year at his promotional tour in Washington on Sept. 23, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Abhishek Bachchan was caught in the flooded city of Chennai on Wednesday and the actor has tweeted saying he is safe and “dry” when the city turned wet with flooded waters making inroads into houses and hotels of low-lying areas.

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan was visiting Chennai as part of his association with the Chennaiyin Football Club. He was in Chennai a week before along with asian Paints owner Vita Dani. Both are co-owners of ISL football team Chennaiyin FC.

Stuck in Chennai floods with all flights cancelled, Abhishek Bachchan tweeted saying: “Thank you all for the concern. Am safe and dry. Thoughts and prayers with the people more severely affected.”

Soon after Junior Bachchan’s tweet, the senior Bachchan acknowledged Chennai floods and tweeted:”Chennai deluged.. Prayers for safety and calm soon .. So heartwarming to see immense voluntary help coming by!”‏@SrBachchan.

Abdhishek Bachchan has 7.94 million followers and his father Senior Bachchan has 18.1 million followers on Twitter.

Incessant rains and consequent flooding in Chennai have brought airport operations to a stand still since 8 PM Tuesday when the level of water on the taxiways rose to about two feet, the airfield was closed initially for a period of three hours, which was subsequently extended up to 6 AM on Wednesday morning.

However, by 6AM today, the situation had deteriorated severely, leading to submerging of entire operational area in approximately 7 Feet of water. All incoming flights were diverted to alternate airfields, except one international flight which was cleared due medical priority.

During the closure, 12 domestic and 12 international arrivals were diverted on 1st December 2015. 34 numbers of aircrafts are stranded at the airport. All international and domestic flights to and from Chennai have been cancelled.

The navigational aids within the airfield have been switched off due to heavy water logging. However, the Secondary Surveillance Radar is available and the Air Traffic Services to Overflying traffic are not affected.

Chennai Aerodrome has been closed up to 12 noon of 6th December 2015. The situation is being closely monitored and any further action will be taken subject to review for resumption of services as soon as possible.

About 90 passengers have been sent to Bangalore by buses and 200 passengers have been transferred to the city. Airports Authority of India has established emergency Contact Numbers of Terminal Manager at Chennai for assistance. The contact nos.are+91 44 22563100 & + 91 8056220066.

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