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‘Abandoned UP Girl Raised by Monkeys’ Not True, No Jungle Book Story: Report

Abandoned UP girl aged about 8 years lived in forests with monkeys like the tale in Jungle Book? First a report in Indian media was picked up by the British paper Guardian and by the Washington Post about a girl found living in the midst of monkeys in a forest.

She has been brought to Bahraich hospital near the Katarniya Ghats where she was found by local forest officials. But doubts are emerging whether she was brought up by monkeys or she happened to be a mentally retarded child abandoned by the family near the forest.

Countering the story that is making headlines, JP Singh, the DFO of Katarniya Ghat area, told The Guardian that the girl was not found in forests but located in a village side. With several cameras mounted in the area to track animals, the girl would have been tracked long ago had she been raised by monkeys, said forest officials.

Corraborating the sotry, Sarbajeet Yadav, a police constable who accompanied the rescue team told the media that there were no monkeys around. To ascertain her details, they are scouring Missing Children reports in the locality.

“I think the family members of this girl had been aware that she is not able to speak, and they may have abandoned her near the forest road… It is clear from first time view, if you see the girl, that she is only eight or nine years old, but her facial expressions show that she is disabled, not only mentally but also physically,” JP Singh told The Guardian.

Ruling out the Jungle Book angle to the story that the girl was brought up by monkeys and has developed traits like screeching, walking on both legs and hands like the four-legged and facial expressions like a monkey could be the traits of mental ill-health, said doctors at the Bahraich hospital who are treating the girl, the centre of attraction for visitors now.

Once the tests are done, doctors can determine the neuro-side case history of the girl but suspicions are abound that she could have been abandoned recently by the family being a girl and secondly, mentally not being in sound health.

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