Aam Admi Party`s fund raising event for the upcoming Assembly Polls `Coffee with Arvind Kejriwal` in New Delhi on December 27, 2014. (IANS)

AAP Launches Fund Party Challenge, Kejriwal Names 11 Nominees

After the social media driven challenge campaigns, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal came up with another challenge campaign by launching “I Fund Honest Party Challenge” on Saturday. Kejriwal kicked off the campaign by donating Rs 10,000 to the fund and nominating 11 others including his family members to donate party’s poll campaign.

Kejriwal said, “I am kickstarting this campaign by paying up Rs 10,000 and challenging 11 people to Fund for Honest politics. Like other parties, we don’t take money from those who take donations from people owning power discoms.”

Criticising other parties, he said, “They take their donation, but then they have to dance to the industrialists’ tunes. We are taking money from people. So we will work in the interest of the common public.”

The party chief declared that any amount of money, even Rs 10 can be donated to the fund, if the person’s name is nominated. “Anyone can pay as low as Rs 10, if he/she is nominated for the campaign. The names of the donors will be immediately uploaded on the party website.”

According to an AAP statement, “This is a donor-get-donor programme appealing to donors to take the challenge, make a donation and send an appeal to 10 of their friends and family members to also donate and participate in the challenge. As more people join the challenge, a network of donors, referrals and participants will be built and the message of #IFundHonestParty shall spread to a wide number of people.”

Meanwhile, Kejriwal challenged BJP to make its fund public and said, “If politics is funded by clean money then the woes of the people can come to an end as any government coming to power will not work under the pressure of industrialists…it will work in the interest of people.”

However, this is the recent campaign to raise money after the fund-raising events such as meal with Kejriwal programme. As per reports, the party claimed that over 10 lakh people have donated to his party since its inception.

The nominated people include his brother Manoj and sister Ranjana Kejriwal, industrialist Rajiv Bajaj, actress as well as party leader Gul Panag, businessman Subhash Khandelwal, his family friend Vipin Mittal, his close aide Aswathi Muralidharan, NRIs Amit Agarwal and Munish Raizada, a law student Mohammad Kasim and his IIT batchmate Subroto Saha.


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