Aamir Khan Second Poster Without Radio, with Clothes on Released

pk poster2Aamir Khan knows how to disappoint his fans and also keep them on tenterhooks with his pre-release statements and gimmicks and today’s event gave further fillip to the mystery surrounding his new posters.

As promised earlier, his second poster released today was without radio but not entirely nude as was expected, disappointing perhaps many of his fans. Stating at the second poster launch of PK, he said, “When I heard the script, I found it so fantastic that I had no hesitation or an iota of doubt to do it. It’s a very emotional and beautiful film but the kind of character I have played in PK surpasses all the characters that I’ve essayed on-screen over 25 years of my career in Bollywood.”

Referring to his past characters ‘Rancho’ of 3 IDIOTS or ‘Bhuvan’ of LAGAAN or ‘ACP Rathod’ of SARFAROSH, he said none of them can beat his new PK character, raising eyebrows of his fans and admirers alike. “It was so important for me,” he stressed.

Referring to his film’s first poster in nude with only a radio in hands covering his private parts, the actor said he could be vulgar with clothes on too and attributed it to perception gap.

“Usually, such acts are termed as indecent or vulgar. But all I want to say is, I can be vulgar being covered completely and decent enough without clothes. It’s a matter of perception. Vulgarity can’t be defined through shedding clothes. It can be through your actions, in your words, through your moves and groves in a particular song, etc. I never found the pose to be vulgar,” said Aamir Khan.

Recently, the court too observed that the posters are not vulgar and dismissed a PIL advising the petitioner not to see the poster or the film, if he is not convinced about the character and its rationale behind being nude or semi-nude.
“Jab hum paida hote hai apni maa ke pet se toh bina kapdo ke paida hote hai toh kya us bacche ko aap vulgar kahenge? (Will a newborn without clothes look vulgar?)”

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