Aamir Khan Second ‘PK’ Poster Minus Radio Means Full Nude? Biggest Free Ad Venture Ahead of Film Release

PK poster with radio

PK poster with radio

Whether it was “3 Idiots” or “Dhoom 3”, Aamir Khan films make sensational difference from the traditional values of advertising to bring in free advanced advertisement that begets biq queues before the malls and theatres.

With his upcoming film “PK” not getting int news the way Salman Khan’s Kick or Shahrukh Khan’s “Happy New Year”, Aamir Khan has decided to stir controversy with his unique style again, posing nude for posters that was hitherto confined to heroines.

His first poster, shot at a real location, has already gone viral rising the eye-brows of the industry and his fans alike and entailed with it the due free advertisement and enthusiasm at what he is up to.

Not deterred by the criticism, Aamir Khan has unleashed another surprise saying his next poster will be similar semi-nude picture of him with a radio. While he is quite sure that one semi-nude picture would only become another passe, he says he will not be holding even that radio, that means, full nude poster. Here is the new twist.

Alluding his fans, Aamir Khan has asked them to wait for the release of the second poster on August 20, not to clash with any big releases this Independence Day. “In the second poster, I’m not even holding a radio,” he told the audience at the Mumbai University on Wednesday.

While the event was usual book launching, he was able to build the enthusiasm about his upcoming film “PK” and spoke in Marathi to get an extra edge in Hindi-dominated Bollywood lingo.

It was during the question and answers session that he used his chance to stir the interest of the audience present and the media in tow. “When Azad is around, we switch to Marathi; we don’t want him to know what we are talking about,” said Khan laughing but making it a point that he speaks Marathi and thus he is a true Mumbaiwala.

Finally, the purpose was a shot in the arm that people and fans are eagerly awaiting for his next poster, not his film, just see how it would be different and build that momentum to his film, the way his motion-poster for “Dhoom 3” with helicopters hovering around did last November.

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