Aamir Khan Packs in 9 Different Looks in ‘PK’; Ups Euphoria Again

Actor Anushka Sharma speaks to the media as she reveals her look for the upcoming film PK in Mumbai on Oct. 16, 2014. (Photo: IANS)Aamir Khan is creating euphoria for his upcoming film “PK” in every possible way and still the picture is not clear for many of his fans or industry watchers. Each of his film holds something in secret and spins out surprises when the film is finally released.

One thing that he confirmed was that he was playing the role of a Bhojpuri-speaking man who visits city. Secondly, he proved the alien man descending on Earth as untrue. Thirdly, he wears loose dresses and a borrowed police uniform, going by his posters released in a sort of TV serial.

Last week his film “PK” released its first trialer, coinciding both Diwali and Shahrukh Khan’s release of “Happy New Year”, revealing more about the lead female role than his role in the film.

Now, in his latest info, the actor, known as Mr Perfectionist has revealed that he is donning 9 different looks for the film.

“As you can see (pointing towards the posters), I will have nine different looks for the film. Actually there are eight and the ninth one is the look from the first poster (with just transistor hiding his private parts). The film has been quite a challenge for me and you all will know why when you watch the film,” he said, showing all the posters at a press meet.



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