Aamir Khan Looks 51, No Doubt!

‘PK’ superstar Aamir Khan turned 51 and unlike last year, he looked no more young in looks but matured to befit the 50s as he grew thick mustache reminiscent from his earlier film ‘

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan, 51

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan, 51

Dressed in white T shirt and jeans, Aamir khan has reduced half of his weight gained for the upcoming film ‘Dangal’. But he did not remove the mush which reveal his real age too.

There is one thing the the actor vows on every birthday — to quit smoking — but ends up lighting one at the end of his every new film’s release, revealed his brother.

“Every year he decides to quit smoking but then when a film is about to release he invariably ends up giving into it,” said his brother to the media in whose presence Aamir Khan cut the cake on his 51st birthday.

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