‘Aaj Ki Party’ detracts ‘Bajranji Bhaijaan’: Salim Khan

Salman’s dad Salim Khan who seemed to have been blown away by the poignant climax of the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ reportedly said that the song ‘Aaj ki party’ played for end credits detracts the seriousness of the film.

‘Aaj Ki Party,’ the celebratory Eid song from the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ which was launched today, while it may become a rage among youngsters though during the special screening of the movie, Salim Khan seemed to have not really cared about the song.

It was similar to the extra song added to “Chennai Express” at the end by lead players with Yo Yo Honey Singh called “lungi dance” that became more famous than the film itself. Ever since, capping the film with a dance song or palying it next to end credits has become a trend in Bollywood films.

The film’s director Kabir Khan explained to Mumbai Mirror, “It’s a party song for Salman’s fans to enjoy and we ourselves were undecided about whether to incorporate it in the film’s narrative. We attached it to the end credits and that was the cut Salim saab saw. After the show, he told me that the greatness of the film is without the song.”

Kabir Khan looked to be in agreement with what Salim Khan said. “Only some romcoms and love stories can carry them off. I’ve seen some very good films destroyed by a song at the end. You spend two-hours creating a character who’s real and believable and, then, seeing him in garish clothes and dancing merrily destroys the vision,” he said.

Now that Salim Khan has given his view, Kabir has gone ahead and pulled it off as he was keen to make a mainstream film with a big star which reaches out to a pan-India audience while keeping the context, setting and characters real, with no dilution even at the end.

Kabir gives all the credit to Salman,for going that extra mile for the film. “Bajrangi Bhaijaan is my Kabul Express made in a mainstream way while retaining its soul,” said Kabir.

Since media reports have said the song is not in sync, it may be confined to play only on TV screening, said a TOI report, quoting Kabir.  “As a director, I don’t need it. I have enough songs in my film,” Kabir reportedly said.

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