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A Little Alcohol is Actually Good as It Heals Chronic Pain: New Study

Alcohol consumption is always associated with harm to human health. Damaging liver, intervening with the actions of brain, high blood pressure and stroke are some of the known negative effects of too much alcohol consumption.

Even so, a new study by Scottish scientists has shown that a little intake of alcohol is in fact good for health, keeping the chronic disabilities at bay.


Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev

Dr. Gary Macfarlane and his team performed a study that included 2,239 individuals with extensive chronic pain – the chief factor of fibromyalgia. They discovered that those who consumed alcohol on a daily basis had lower levels of disability compared to those who barely or never had a drink.

The research team found that those individuals who drank 21 to 35 units of alcohol per week had 67 percent less possibility to suffer from chronic disability compared to the non-drinkers.

On an average basis, one unit of alcohol is a half pint of beer or lager, one small glass of wine or one single measure of spirits.

Macfarlane said although they can’t state that consumption of alcohol leads to less disability in individuals with extensive chronic pain, “the observed link warrants further investigation.”

The study was published in the journal Arthritis Care and Research.

A report by medicalnewstoday said that Dr. Kenneth Mukamal who examined the effects of moderate drinking in a New England Journal of Medicine, discovered the parts of drinking patterns and heart disease. After a 12-year follow up, he found that those men who drank alcohol between three and seven days a week had fewer heart attacks compared to the men who drank only once a week.

Mukamal also found in his study that moderate drinking decreased the risk of dementia – a type of brain disease that lowers an individual’s ability to think and remember.

For this study, they monitored a group of older adults in United States who had an average age of mid 70s and moderately consumed alcohol.


  1. Marcus Beasley

    This study does not show that a little alcohol is good for health.

    What it does show is that those who drink alcohol have less problems with chronic pain than those that don’t. This could be because people with poor health choose to avoid drinking alcohol. In any case, in the population, people who drink are healthier on a whole range of outcomes than those that don’t – that does not mean that drinking makes you healthy. It only means that people who drink are very different in some way than those that don’t.

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