64 Secret Files on Netaji’s Death May Reveal Russian Angle

The much-awaited 64 files maintained by the intelligence officials on freedom icon Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose to be made public today by the West Bengal government may provide some clue on his incognito life after the fake air crash theory.

Based on siilar inteligence files unclassified or done so by mistake have revealed that the family of Netaji’s family was under surveillance and all letters to them from abroad were scrutinised before reaching the recipients.

In another such de-classifed file, it was said that Mahatma Gandhi himself retracted his statement that Netaji was dead. The intelligence file, dated 8 April, 1946, said,”Gandhiji ascribed the feeling to “an inner voice” but Congressmen believed it was based on some secret information. “There is a secret report which says Nehru received a letter from Bose, saying he was in Russia and that he wanted to escape to India… It is probable that the letter from Bose arrived about the time that Gandhi made his public statement.”

Even Netaji’s grand-nephew Chandra Bose said Gandhi knew the secret about Netaji. “Gandhi insisted that the Bose family should not perform the shraddh because there is a question mark regarding Subhas Bose’s death.”

But Ms Krishna Bose, head of Netaji Research Bureau and wife of Netaji’s nephew, Dr Shishir Bose, said Gandhiji retracted the comment in the journal Harijan in April 1946, saying “I had nothing but my instinct to tell me that Netaji was alive. No reliance can be placed on such unsupported feeling,” Gandhiji wrote. “In the face of these proofs I appeal to everyone to forget what I have said and… reconcile themselves to the fact that Netaji has left us.”

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