6 Reasons Why ‘Prince William Gives Up British Throne’ Story is Ridiculous, a Hoax

First it was Globe magazine which began the speculative story on Prince William “giving up the throne” despite Queen Elizabeth’s request, and then it was picked up and highlighted as if true by gullible other global media hoodwinking millions of fans of Kate Middleton, just to increase their readership.

Soon another collider in the speculative stories picks up, adds value so that it looks more like a real news. Then, quoting the second collider, the entire Kate Middleton-watching media begins to spread the speculative and unconfirmed story that overnight becomes the news.

Global media is witnessing one of the worst moments, when it comes to Kate Middleton, the way it treated her late mother-in-lae Princess Diana and led to her death in a car crash.

Still, the story needs to be refuted from the perspective of reality and legality. The Globe magazine’s explosive summary reads: “Prince William stunned the Royal Family by revealing that he’s giving up the throne for the love of his beautiful wife, Kate.” Then it adds that Prince Charles would be the next KIng, as if Prince William was magnanimous, a ridiculous trend global reporting..

The truth is that Prince Charles is the next King, whether the Queen likes him or not. The rule under the act of Settlement 1701 clearly states the eldest son will be the heir apparent and it’s not the King or Queen who decides about the successor but the British Parliament.

So, the Queen has little role to decide who should succeed her. In fact, the basis for the succession was determined in the constitutional developments of the 17th century, which culminated in the Bill of Rights (1689) and the Act of Settlement (1701) and only once it was denied to a male heir when James II fled the country in 1688. His daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange, were made joint rulers, not his younger son.

So, the tradition was set in that the Sovereign (ruler) may rule but the succession to the throne can be regulated by Parliament, and that a Sovereign can be deprived of his title on the grounds of mis-government. Here, there is no such mis-government by Prince Charles.

Moreover, the succession to the throne is regulated not merely by descent, but also by the Act of Settlement that empowers Parliament to determine the title to the throne, which is a rare case to speculate now. Other criteria include:

Only Protestant descendants of Princess Sophia – the Electress of Hanover and granddaughter of James I – are eligible to succeed. The Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement clearly put forth the religious condition — the Sovereign must be a member of the Church of England and must swear to preserve the established Church of England and the established Church of Scotland. The Sovereign must also promise to uphold the Protestant succession.

It also clearly says that a Roman Catholic is specifically “excluded from succession to the throne and the Sovereign cannot marry a Roman Catholic.

There’s no way Prince Charles can be nailed down on any of these counts.

As of July 2013, the royalty clearly stated on its website that the line of succession to SOVEREIGN is: the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) in No.1 Position followed by the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) in No.2 position.

Hence, the report does not make logic in speculating that the ailing Queen wanted Prince William to succeed her and he preferred his father be given the chance. There is no need for that and such speculative stories distance both Prince William and Kate Middleton from the royalty.

By reporting that Prince William has given up the throne, Globe magazine and its close sensationalist news websites are poisoning the smooth succession to the British throne, though they may wish Prince William to succeed much to the chagrin of the rightful legal heir Prince Charles, whose emotions were given a go-by ever since his first wife Diana’s death.

Globe magazine speculated saying:”Ailing Queen Elizabeth had bypassed her eldest son Prince Charles, in favor of her 32-year-old grandson as she prepared to step down and end her 61-year reign. But William has officially informed Her Majesty the pressures of royal life and raising a family at the same time have become too much for his pregnant wife and he has reluctantly made the decision to step aside – for now.” So, where is the news?

Unless, Prince Charles gives up his rightful claim to the throne, his son Prince William cannot become the King.

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