5 Unknown Facts About Goku as ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’ Premieres Tonight;


gokuThe episode three of “Dragon Ball Super” premieres today, July 19 and here are some interesting facts about Goku.

Goku, the main character in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ is based on a humanoid monkey named Son Wukong from an ancient Chinese proverb called “Journey to the West”. He was a humanoid monkey possesing several super-natural powers, shape-changing virtue and the ability to part water. He can fight Gods and demons alike and he is accompanied a group of friends to gather mystical artifacts and he has a tail.

Otherwise, Goku is technically over 50-years-old but owing to his Saiyan heritage and incredible powers. He looks and performs like a young man. In fact, he had died twice in “Dragon Ball Z,”. Since he had spent without his physical body for eight years, he did not age and by the next episode of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F,” Goku will be over 50.

Goku struggled his way up overcoming his limits. He was, in fact, a runner-up at the World Martial Arts Tournament when he was only 12-years-old and was not a fighting prodigy either. He was born with a mere power level of two and has gone to become stronger than most gods. Broly, for instance, was born with a power level of 10,000.

Goku had let the world destroyed twice in the “Dragon Ball” franchise despite being the main hero. When Kid Buu blew up the Earth in a fight against Goku and Vegeta, he failed to save and though Dende, Elder Kai and Kibito-kai used the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish the Earth back into existence. The second time when Frieza blew up the earth, it was Whis who rewinded time to save the Earth.

Goku has a last name, not many fans know. In the original Japanese version, the character’s full name is “Son Goku,” where Son is his family name and in America, it would be “Goku Son”. The episode 3 of “Dragon Ball Super” premieres on Sunday, July 19.

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