5 Takeaways from Tamil Star Rajinikanth’s Speech (See Full Speech)

For the first time Tamil star Rajinikanth has divulged his inner thoughts about politics and how he would conduct, if God willing. He has categorically denied any possibility of joining any political party.

Speaking to his fans on Monday in Chennai, Rajinikanth said: “Some people wanted to become MLAs and have been using me to make money. God willing, if I ever decide to join politics I will do it for the welfare of people and not to make money. As of now, God wants me to become an actor, and I am happy with that.”

First of all, Rajinikanth will not join any party. It means BJP’s strategy to weaken Sasikala and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and push Rajinikanth may not work.

Secondly, he may not remain aloof or apolitical as many would prefer him to be, He would plunge into politics, if necessity arises.

Thirdly, he would not encourage corruption and work for the welfare of people. “If I enter politics , I will not entertain people who run for Money.”

Fourthly, he has asked his fans and the youth not to become addicts of drinking. “Take care of your family and children. Don’t waste your life by smoking and drinking. Drinking and smoking not only affects your health but also your decision making ability. I have been affected enough so please take my advice seriously,” he said.

Finally, Rajinikanth may enter politics after almost two decades to clear himself from the past association with either DMK or BJP but he will not let morals to go down the drain.

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