5 Steps to Avoid Facebook Spying Your ‘Emotional Experiments’

facebook_1With Facebook in the news for its creepy “emotional experiments” on users, Emma Fuller, a social chatting expert suggests ways to break up with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and chairman.

She says, “at first, Mark — and his Facebook app — seemed like the perfect guy.” He “shared” regularly, “checked in” often, kept you “fed” with the latest news, and paid attention to what you “liked.”

But before you knew it, Mark began to change: “He blatantly disregarded your privacy, started keeping tabs on everything you did, and even provided intimate details about you to others.”

Unfortunately, although you’d like to change your relationship status and totally break up with Mark, “it’s complicated.”

So what can you do? How can you log out from Facebook and log in to a healthier relationship?

According to Omlet app [www.omlet.me] team member Emma Fuller, an expert on social media alternatives and etiquette, the key is to follow these three steps:

STEP #1: Don’t Wait By the Phone

Turn off mobile notifications so that Mark doesn’t message you throughout the day. Browse and post on Facebook only when it’s convenient for you.

STEP #2: Take a Break for a Week

When you’re ready, deactivate your Facebook account for one week to see how it goes. Mark, of course, is always willing to take you back.

STEP #3: Get a Better Social Network Site

Close your existing Facebook account for messaging and sharing, and go for a new one or entirely a different social networking site (omelet.me for one) or one should begin to explore others.

STEP #4: Close Facebook Account

As nobody can avoid Facebook once they get used to it. Millions of students, teenagers and youth are addicted to it. And no other social networking giant could replace FaceBook’s easy access. Hence, the best way is to close the account and open a new one to begin with.

STEP #5: Use Dummy Facebook Account

Another way to avoid Facebook spying on you is to create a dummy account or anonymous accounts on facebook and use them as often as possible.

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