5 Serial blasts rock Pune, Home Minister Shinde’s visit deferred

Five explosions rocked Pune, the second-tier city of India, on wednesday evening hours before the scheduled visit of Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to a function at Pune’s Gandharv Theatre, while the sixth explosive was defused by an alert security team, reminding similar explosions which rocked the city of Bangalore in July 2008.

The bombs were placed in garbage can and in a cycle carrier. The spots where the explosions took place between 7:27 pm to 8:15 pm were Bal Gandharv Theatre, Deccan Mall, Mc Donald’s, Khyber bar and Garware chowk. Anti-terrorism squads from Mumbai have been rushed to Pune following the explosions. TV reports said detonators connected to watches were recovered from the spots.

Sources said the planned visit on Wednesday morning of Home Minister Shinde to Gadharv Theatre in the city was deferred though the minister was not forthcoming on more details in his brief to the press after the blasts.

Pune is emerging, of late, as the second tier city of BPOs and IT-centric multinational companies, next to Bangalore and Hyderabad. With numerous institutions and academic centres in the city, the talented youth of the city kept the city attractive for many global companies to set up offices here.

Coinciding with the popularity of the city, Pune has also seen several global outlets like McDonald where a bomb was defused.

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