Google Glass Ticking at Schipol Airport

Who says Google Glass is dead? It’s not and the pilot testing is underway at the Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, said reports.

While Google Glass has been increasingly written off by media, the instance of an airport using it for its operational purpose raises hope for its wider usage with its wider applications.

Latest reports said the staff, ground control staff at Schiphol airport are testing Google Glass for “airside operations”, such as calling up flight details gatewise, to know cargo volume and contents well ahead and to know the number of passengers who would disembarking at the airport.

Quick access to the data is what they are looking for and Google Glass is very handy, according to the officials at this airport, where the pilot testing is going on for over a month. Another important feature is that they can access the data hands-free, which they might be most of the time.

The airport officials said,”By tapping into this innovative technology, we hope to both gain a better insight into the passenger experience and support operations at the airport.”

Google is also exploring new applications for Google Glass in health care.

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