213 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Found Hidden in China’s Heyuan City Home

Resembling right from a scene in “Jurassic Park”, 213 fossilized dinosaur eggs and one skeleton of the huge ancient creature were found hidden in a house in China’s Heyuan city that calls itself the “Home of Dinosaurs”.

The house was raided more than a week ago on July 29 and the seized the eggs were found to be too pristine belonging to the Cretaceous period. The skeleton of dinosaur was identified as a Psittacosaurus, said Xinhua news agency quoting officials.

dino eggsHeyuan city is not new to dinosaur eggs as several such eggs were found in the past and the city’s local museum has as many as 10,000 eggs to showcase that won it entry into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004.

However, this is the first time that a house has so many eggs at one place though keeping these eggs clandestinely in the area is not new. As per the local Chinese law, all eggs should be handed over the the authorities as the state ownership explicity bans any trade or possession of them except for research institutions.

The dinosaur eggs have been making news for some time and in April this year 43 fossilized dino eggs were found during a road repair work in the city that lies in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. Most of them measure as much as 13 centimeters (5 inches) in diameter.

Most of the eggs found in the area belong to oviraptorid and duck-billed dinosaurs, which roamed the earth 89 million years ago.

So far, 17,000 dinosaur eggs have been unearthed in the city since 1966 when the first such egg fossils were found by children playing at a construction site.

In 2006, University of Alberta paleontologists had discovered near Qijiang City a new species of a long-necked dinosaur measuring about 15 metres that lived in China about 160 million years ago, around the late Jurassic period, called Qijianglong or “dragon of Qijiang,” with an incredible long neck.

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