Ubisoft ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Out with Glitches Galore, Second Fix on Way

The latest game released by Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” series, “Assassin’s Creed Unity,” was not smooth as expected but full of glitches being reported by users and other developers all over. Some have complained that the game is just unplayable.

Most of these errors cropped up even after Ubisoft issued a 1 GB patch on the very opening day and most of it reflects a hurriedly despatched game without paying attention to the imagery in the game, which is set in Paris during the Revolution, said Gamespot.

Even their last month release “NBA 2K15” faced similar problems when players were surprised with the way their faces were scanned and displayed.

One video on Youtube said, “This particular glitch isn’t so much gamebreaking as it is hilarious. Those two in the background are not supposed to be there. I haven’t been able to get this glitch to repeat itself but there have been a few other instances of NPCs unintentionally wandering into cut scenes, but never actively taunting Arno during them.”

Ubisoft has, however, promised to shoot out another patch to fix most of these issues.

But players have rushed to the social media, especially Twitter and Facebook with their horrors encountered while playing the game. Some of them are hilarious too and here they are:




A terrible way to die?


Young Arno is missing his face in this scene


Something coming out?


That’s supposed to be Elise, Arno’s adoptive sister.


Climbing where?


Not clear in headgear ?


Something went wrong here.


Young Arno is missing his face in this scene.

Young Arno is missing his face in this scene.

Another glitch

Another glitch

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