Bangalore Days remains top box office hit in 2014.

2014 Yearend Review: ‘Bangalore Days’ Shows Way to Malayalam Films

Malayalam cinema has pushed the envelope content-wise. At the box-office, the films did fairly well compared to Telugu and Tamil industries. The biggest Malayalam hit of the year was Anjali Menon-directed “Bangalore Days”.

“Most Malayalam films are produced under the budget of Rs.10 crore. Rarely will you find a film made on a higher budget,” distributor Arvind Nambiar told IANS.

“Bangalore Days”, about three cousins from Kerala who move to Bengaluru, raked in nearly Rs.50 crore on an investment of Rs.9 crore.

“Not only was ‘Bangalore Days’ a profitable venture, it was also the most widely viewed Malayalam film in recent times. Since it released worldwide with English subtitles, it opened to overwhelming response. In Mumbai, the film ran for nearly five weeks,” Nambiar said.

According to trade sources, “Bangalore Days” even beat Malayalam thriller “Drishyam” at the box-office. The second biggest hit in the language was comedy “Vellimoonga”.

“Even the trade experts didn’t expect ‘Vellimoonga’ to do so well. It turned out to be a surprise hit. Made under Rs.5 crore, it went on to mint over Rs.20 crore at the box-office,” Nambiar added.

Other Malayalam hits included “Ring Master”, “How Old Are You” and “7th Day”.”Bangalore Days” and “How Old Are You” featured women in prominent roles. While the former was directed by Anjali, the latter was the comeback film of actress Manju Warrier, who played the lead.

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