$150-Million-Worth Joan Rivers Worked Till her End, Left Behind Riches for Daughter, Grandson, 4 Dogs

Hollywood comedian Joan Rivers has left behind $150 million for her daughter Melissa, grandson Cooper and her 4 pooches in a will written in her own handwriting. She was able to earn from her jewelry and fashion line known as QVC Enterprise that sold $1 billion worth apparels, scarves and brooches, reports said.

Her $35 million Upper East Side apartment went to her daughter Melissa and her grandson Cooper, while left clear instructions on how to take care of her two NYC rescue dogs and two other pet dogs.

In an interview to Wall Street Journal, she had said once: "Only when you love dogs very much do you let them sit on $300 per yard fabric… I’ve never been one of those Fifth Avenue ladies that have to have dogs that match. I am the Angelina Jolie of barkers." And she proved so even after her death on Sept. 4, aged 81.

Her daughter Melissa, 46, is currently writing a book titled ‘A Letter to My Mom’, which will be published next year.

Joan Rivers went through highs and lows in her life and faced hardtime when her husband Edgar Rosenberg committed suicide and she was in the midst of $37 million debt. “Yeah, it’s true. I was $37 million in debt. I’m not a businesswoman. My husband was a businessman. I never had to worry about business,” she told Esquire magazine in 2007. She blamed a man for cheating her after her husband’s death and absconding with millions.

To come out the debt, she sold her country house in Connecticut for $4.4 million and listed her 500-square-foot NYC penthouse for $29.5 million. She continued to hos TV shows and preferred collecting cheques than retire from the public life.

She kept herself busy hosting E!’s "Live from the Red Carpet" from 1996 to 2004, remained a co-host on E!’s "Fashion Police” for over a decade, besides receiving the QVC royalties at about $40 million annually. She has written 13 best-selling books.

In her last interview given in July, couple of months before he death, Rivers told "The Daily Beast" that she still faced financial constraints 27 years after facing debts. “I have no riches,”

When interviewer Tim Teeman said she could have lived quite well off with her wealth, she said: "I don’t have money to do that. I could pull my living in and live OK, but I don’t want to live OK. I’m very happy to live in my penthouse, very happy I can pick up a check, very happy to have a great life, and be able to spread my wealth a little bit."

There she was, working throughout her life till she reached the death bed and keeping her dialy full of appointments and taking no cue from her peers to live off on past earnings. No wonder, she was able to leave behind $150 million for her loved ones and dogs.

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