10 Unforgettable Events in Hema Malini’s Life

hemamaliniThe car accident on Thursday left veteran actress Hema Malini with an injury on her left forehead that may leave a permanent scar on her face.

Otherwise, Hema Malini’s beautiful face has been a target of comparison several times in the past and noted remarks from Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Bihar chief minister, compared smooth Delhi roads to her cheeks.

With gory pictures of blood-scarred face of Hema Malini flashed all over the social media such as Twitter and Facebook, people are aghast at the accident that could kill a child and injure occupants in both cars.

Though, Hema Malini was not injured fatally, it is time to look at some major events in her life, looking back at her rise in Bollywood and in politics later.

— Born into an Iyengar family in Chennai on Oct. 16, 1948, Hema Malini’s mother was a film producer that led Hema Malini into films. She studied in Andhra Mahila Sabha’s school and DTEA but dropped out before finishing her 10th to enter films.

— Hema Malini entered the film industry making her debut in Telugu film “pandava Vanavasam” in 1965 playing the role of a danseuse. She got her break in the Hindi film industry with ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar’ (1968) after Vyjayanthimala refused the film. Soon, she became popular with “Jaani Mera Nam” as Dream Girl and later acted in a film with the same name.

— After Sholay, the Dharmendra-Hema pair appeared almost consistently in many films such as Seeta Aur Geeta, Dreamgirl, Charas and The Burning Train, amid rumours that the pair may end up in marriage. However, Dharmendra, already married to Prakash Kaur who refused to divorce him led the couple embrace Islam to get married with legal sanction.

— Hema Malini’s daughters Esha Deol (born 1981) and Ahana Deol (born 1985) are into the film industry. Esha is an actress in Bollywood who later married a diamond merchant Bharat Takhtanj and her second Ahana is into film direction under Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

220px-Dil_Aashna_Hai— ‘Jamai Raja’ (1990) saw her playing in a serious elderly role and later Hema Malini took to directing that gave the film industry its current super hero Shahrukh Khan. Her first directorial debut “Dil Aashna Hai” introduced him to the bigger screen, though it was a failure.

— Later, Hema Malini entered politics, though she appeared in films intermittently with Amitabh Bachchan-starrer ‘Baghban’ in 2003 and directed another 2011 film “Tell Me o Khuda” with her daughter and husband Dharmendra.

— More than films, Hema Malini has remained a familiar face on TV advertisements with Pure water filters and her win in Mathura constituency in 2014 elections made her a serious political leader in BJP now.

— The car accident on July 2, 2015 shocked the nation to see her injured face with blood dropping out of her left forehead injury. The Twitter went viral with a handle #HemaMalini, while Facebook was full of remarks and sympathies pouring in.

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