Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar during an event. (File photo, IANS)

10 Unanswered Questions in Sunanda Pushkar Case

Shashi Tharoor is realizing the depth of Indian politics, into which one can get in but not out without rutt.

  • When he started dating Sunanda Pushkar, he did not realise how far the relationship would go as the IPL scandal had already enveloped the man from the UN deep into Indian psyche and society. Unable to withstand the media glare over IPL standoff, he resigned and bowed out of the post as Minister of State in External Affairs.
  • Unable to reconcile with life without a post, he soon married Sunanda Pushkar, putting an end effectively to the scam that dragged both of them in. As expected, it gave an outlet to Shashi Tharoor to return to the power corridors and soon he was accommodated as Minister of State in HRD.
  • What ensued the relationship was not merely marital bliss but accommodation of wishes and whispers that failed to bond the marriage for long and as Shashi Tharoor’s domestic Narain Singh told the police recently, they were fighting throughout their adjustment or married life.
  • Whenever things go beyond control, the couple rush to nearby ‘Lalit Palace’ hotel, owned by a fellow Keralite and take time to settle the matter before returning home with a smile.
  • But last year on Janurary 16, the couple checked into the hotel and Shashi Tharoor left for a party meeting next morning leaving behind Sunanda at the hotel alone. She was found dead when he returned at 8 PM in the night.
  • Going by domestic help Narain’s version, Sunanda was planning to wear a white sari the next day to annouce a reconciliation or her own version of Shashi Tharoor’s so-called “secrets” to the press. As the world already knows, Sunanda had already tweeted the so-called affair between Shashi Tharoor and a Pakistani journalist and the couple retracted the version later.
  • Domestic help Narain Singh says that ‘Sunil sahab’, who had helped Sunanda in posting messages on Twitter was the last visitor to his knowledge. Another revelation was that the reconciliation was not over by then as Sunanda had apparently told Tharoor over phone from the hotel that he was “finished”.
  • The intriguing part was whether she had planned to reveal more than what had already been told via Twitter. If “Sunil Saab” was helping her to arrange the next big revelation, then where is he and who is he? Did Delhi Police track him?
  • Sunanda’s death on January 17, 2014 in mysterious circumstances turned out to be a murder, going by the latest FIR filed by Delhi Police and Shashi Tharoor is caught fighting an awkward pointing finger at him. Unless proved, no one is a criminal.
  • More than the fallout, the case shows how miserable life could be at the top and how worse it could after fall from grace.
Sunanda Pushkar (IANS)

Sunanda Pushkar (IANS)

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