10 Quotable Quotes of Kanhaiya Kumar in Nagpur, RSS Headquarters

kk2In his second-famous speech after the famous JNU Homecoming speech, JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar made RSS his target when he ciriticised several policies being pursued by the Sanghi people in the country. Here are some quotable quotes which will make people stand up and think:

— “Nagpur is Deekshaboomi, not Sanghbhoomi. It belongs to Ambedkar, not Golwalkar.”
— “Modi is not the country, RSS is not Parliament and Manu Smruti is not the Constitution.”
— “We should shun Modi Bhakti and instead have Desh Bhakti.”
— “In order to run a nation efficiently, we need people with ‘Full Brains’ and not ‘Half Pants’.”
–“Today, these so-called patriots want everybody to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Are the Mata (Mothers) safe in this country?”
–“When you speak the truth people who are used to speaking lies feel threatened and resort to such vile acts (throwing slippers).”
— “This is a democratic nation and everybody has a democratic right to express his or her opinion. However, throwing stones or shoes is not democratic.”
–“Sangh which had not been unfurling the tricolour till recently were the people who have been spying for the English when they ruled India.”
— “These people who are idealizing Guru Dronacharya (to name Gurgaon Guru Gram) seem to be forgetting Eklavya had cut off his thumb as Guru Dakshina.”
— “If they want to create Gurukuls, we will not allow it to happen. We need to have freedom and equality in education and employment.”

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