10 K run on Hyderabad’s Necklace road for a ‘caste free India’


10 K run in hyderabad on Necklacce road is opened by State election chief officer Banwarlal and tollywood hero Rana.

On account of Ambedkar jayanti,10 K run was conducted on Necklace road in hyderabad.On this occasion, election chief officer Banwarlal said Ambedkar has provided everyone an oppurtunity to cast vote through constitution.

For this 10 K run conducted by Shanti chakra international,Dalit indian chamber of commerce and industries,ECO Banwarlal,tollywood hero Rana,Ilabs chief Srinidhi raju and Professor Haragopal have participated.Ambedkar preached for a caste free country.

He said everyone should strive for caste free society and a huge crowd showed enthusiam and interest to participate in this 10 K run holding the banners which reads ‘caste is dangerous than pollution’ , ‘caste-character assisination’ and ‘run for caste free India’

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