Indian Scientists Derive Diabetes Drug from Hibiscus Plant species or Land-Lotus

sthal padmaIndian researchers at Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal and Tezpur University in neighbouring Assam have collaborated to derive natural extracts from a hibiscus plant’s sub-species, which has immense potential to cure diabetes once and for all, instead of taking allopathic medicine that can temporarily work on controlling blood sugar level in the body.

The samples of hibiscus leaves collected from the North-East region were tested on diabetes-induced rats and the results showed an amazing restoration of insulin level in the body. The samples of a phytochemical or plant-derived compound from the leaves of Sthalpadma or land-lotus (scientific name Hibiscus mutabilis), which is commonly called Confederate rose helped the researchers find restoring insulin levels than artificially inducing them to control diabetes.

Prof Samir Bhattacharya of Visva-Bharati in Shantiniketan said, “We found that ferulic acid (FRL), belonging to the polyphenols, extracted from leaves of the plant, has the potential to be a better therapeutic agent for diabetes”. Ferulic acid, a phytochemical derived from the leaves of hibiscus mutabilis, in fact, restored insulin sensitivity in diabetic rat, within two weeks of the experiment, he said.

The findings, published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal in its August 26 edition showed the experiment and the results obtained by the teams in both Visva Bharati and Tezpur University.

Land Lotus is a magnificent edible flower and the plant grows as big as 8 feet, with light and fragile branches. Pink in the morning, the color of the flower changes and by sunset it turns into red. Traditional ayurvedic practitioners often advise to eat the edible flower for many medical conditions. One method is to pluck the petals, dip them in a batter of rice powder with a pinch of salt and fry in a pan. It leaves are used to stop loose motions.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) figures show that there are about 346 million people worldwide suffering from diabetes, while India alone constitutes 63 millions, owing to Indian sedentary life style and less exercise awareness among the aged people.

Moreover, the city life style has become one of the biggest reasons behind the increasing incidence of diabetes affecting the younger population who are confined to office atmosphere and a sedentary lifestyle within the four walls of the office or home. The computer-centric job style is another major reason for the prevalence of the diabetes in India and many western nations.

A study by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) warned recently that the number of Indians with diabetes will cross the 100-million mark by 2030.


  1. when this medicine coming in open market and where we can get it?

  2. Pl let me know when the treatment is available. When the medicin is available.
    MOHD quyyum

  3. Waiting to hear something like it since A VERY-2 LONG TIME .. Big thank you to all researchers
    who could make it possible

  4. amazing drugs for diabetic treatment from the root.

  5. Thanks to Great Scientist and professor for the diamond work they carried it with their immerse knowledge, So all of us and Govt of india, WHO Organization come forward and help in complete the project. hey days are coming for Diabetes cure be happy in india. walk a hour daily in open air.

  6. In Gujarati its called JASUD

  7. Wehave to be very careful.the big brothers of the west may claim their right once it is clearly established positive

  8. Any ailment is curable. Enough effort has not been taken to cure this particular disorder. Perhaps the reason may be several labs are thriving with the help/spread of Diabetics and crores and crores of money have been invested in the manufacture of medicines. Leaving all these a research has been made and come out successfully, it is to be appreciated. Let the day be short in coming with a permanent curable medicine for Diabetics, Pray for the early DAY.

  9. What is Hindi / Marathi / Gujarati / Sanskrit name of LAND-LOTUS.

  10. Looks good start. But like any other drugs, lot of clinical trials have to conducted and then you would actually know how individual body is responding. In diabetes, every body response to treatment is different. It is not like you have pain and take some pain killer. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and its treatment is not the same for every individual. Best Regards

  11. People of North East must get an economical boost.

  12. Chidambar Deshpande

    It’s an amazing discovery, but there’s a dire need for standardization of the drug now, in order to market it overseas, looking at the worldwide spread of the disease. This is a good foreign revenue earner, if standardized and marketed selectively and systematically.

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