Google Wakes Up to Do Doodle on Mangalyaan, a Month After

Google Doodle on Mangalyaan

Google Doodle on Mangalyaan

When everybody is forgetting the Mars mission of India that was in hot news all over the world last, Google on Friday celebrated the occasion putting up a special doodle on its home page for India.

Even otherwise, the mission is almost a year -old as it was sent in November 2013 with precision of every phase and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has put it accurate last month in the Martian Orbit.

The colourful static doodle portrays the Mangalyaan in outer space with a portion of the red planet in the background. More of an illustration, the doodle looks like a textbook illustration.

The delayed but colourful doodle pays tribute to India’s space accomplishment to put its Mars Orbiter weighing 475—kg on the Red Planet’s surface to study mineral composition and scan its atmosphere for methane gas or for any life—sustaining elements.

India became the first Asian country to have entered the Martian orbit, overtaking China, whose Mars mission in 2011 failed.

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