Wonderla Hyderabad Denies Accident, Death of Girl Falling from Giant Wheel

A video going viral shows a girl falling from the giant wheel and the message reads that it was bad news for Wonderla lovers. Newly opened Wonderla Park tragedy, one girl dead, adds the text.

However, Wonderla Hyderabad denied that the accident ever took place in its park and said the video location is not in its park. In a statement, Wonderla’s Marketing Head said there was no such accident that occurred in any of its parks and the video making rounds in Whatsapp does not belong to Wonderla.

But social media is still going viral over the video.

However, the accident shows some girls following the body being taken away by guards, indicating the fatal accident could have taken place indeed anywhere in South Asia. Where and when remains unclear now with the amusement park operator Wonderla Holidays denying the accident, according to Siasat Daily. Youtube has removed the video citing impropriety.

The park was opened recently amid huge publicity with an investment of Rs.250 crore off the Outer Ring Road on 50 acres of land near the Hyderabad international airport. In its reply, Wonderla not only denied the incident but also added links to several old videos which have been churned out anew.

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  1. This was elecasted by LiveLeak…


    According to Liveleak it was happend in Uzbekistan in 2013 May.

  2. I already knew this video is fake jus to damage the reputation of wonderla.Anyways thanks for the clarification…. Still the video is making rounds in YouTube.It should be blocked..I am one of the wonderla lovers and I would suggest it as best amusement park.


    Najma Afrin

  3. The story is not on sensationalising the incident but focusing on denial. In fact, your explanation is good enough to support that the accident took place elsewhere. We have carried out your version in a new story. Thanks for the timely clarification. http://www.microfinancemonitor.com/wonderla-holidays-says-fake-video-resurfaced-to-damage-its-reputation/42044 –Editor

  4. Bimalendu Tarafdar


    The tone and manner in which you have reported this appears to be quite accusatory. I am not sure through what cues in the video you came to the conclusion that this incident could have taken place in India. WOuld really like to know which park in India has Burqa clad women as life guards!

    A basic verification through Google/Youtube could have very clearly showed you that the video being circulated in the name of Wonderla is fake and you wouldn’t have to really quote Siyasat.

    Here is a list of video links which shows the same incident linking various parks at different point of time

    Published on May 29, 2013

    Published on Oct 29, 2013

    Published on Mar 30, 2016

    Published on Mar 30, 2016
    As per the description the above 2 videos were captured in Aladin park, Karachi… Exactly the same video surfaces after 2.5 years

    This one was published on Apr 5, 2016. As per the FB profile of the publisher, he is from Florida!

    It’s very sad that in the urge to sensationalise and garner eye balls/views… particularly when name of popular brands are involved

    It would be good if you now atleast write a post where you clarify the real truth.

    Best Regards
    Bimalendu Tarafdar
    Marketing Head – Wonderla Holidays

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