UN Verdict: Justice for Julian Assange Finally? No Way!

assange to be free

Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been given a clean chit by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on Thursday that said he was “arbitrarily detained” in London.

This may prompt Assange to venture out of the Ecuadorian embassy to be arrested by the British police. The question of deportation to Sweden where he faced “concocted” rape allegations as a ploy to send him to the US to be tried as a war criminal. Perhaps US President Barack Obama is intent on bringing him to the country before he steps down.

What Next?

Despite UN panel’s clean chit, Assange cannot escape trial or extradition. Hence, the pact that was reached between Ecuadoria and Sweden will come into effect once Assange steps out of the mission. The question is whether he would accept arrest or not. Earlier, he had told the media that he would accept arrest if he was given a negative ruling by the UN panel.

Now that the UN panel has given him a positive pat on the back, he may venture out of the embassy where he was hiding since 2012 and the eager British police may swoop on him to arrest and gleefully export him pack and bag to Sweden.

Assange, 44, is wanted for questioning in Sweden over sex assault allegations against two women, which he had denied and the world knows that they were “concocted” to send him to the US for trial over his leaking of US foreign embassy leaks.

Assange wanted his passport to be returned and cases dropped if the UN panel ruling is in his favour but the UK police clarified that he would face arrest imminently on Friday afternoon, if he deicided to vacate the Ecuadorian embassy.

The choice for Assange is rather Hobson’s as he would imminently face deportation to Sweden and then to the US to face trial for Wikileaks leaks in 2011. The Australian writer and journalist has recently complained of virtual imprisonment in the embassy and denial basic human rights to lead a free life of liberty.

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