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Coronavirus Cure: Florida Hospital Finds Magic Combo of Medicines with 96% Success


A combination of drugs provide near-perfect cure to COVID-19, according to doctors in AdventHealth Ocala, Florida, who are upbeat about the drug therapy called ICAM. Though the clinical trial is far away, the ICAM therapy has resulted in a 96.4% survival rate since April, said pharma researchers. ICAM is an acronym for a combination of existing medications used simultaneously on patients. ...

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Not One But 2 Drugs Together Kill Lung Cancer Cells Abetting Suicide

In a revolutionary way to treat cancer, British scientists have found two drugs in combination can trigger the self-destruct or “Suicide” process in lung cancer cells, paving the way for a new way to treat cancer. The combination of drugs — TRAIL and a CDK9 inhibitor, when used together forced the cancer cells to self-destruct, the findings showed. When healthy ...

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