Like Bellandur, Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore Turns Deadly as Thousands of Fish Die

For those who had seen Bellandur lake in Bangalore a year ago filled with chemical pollutants igniting fire, the surface of Ulsoor lake should come as a bigger shock as many dead fish have filled its banks, pointing not merely pollution but poison in the water.

While some attribute it to lower oxygen levels of the water, others have pointed out that only at one part of the lake the dead fish is seen while in other parts it is not, which means the pollutant levels differ at different points. However, the environment ministry has ordered probe and IISc scientists will examine the root cause for the fish kill.

See Bellandur Lake Catches Fire Due to Pollutants

“All the sewage inflow and effluents will settle at the bottom and kill the aquatic life in the lake” said Friends of Lake spokesman in a statement. Meanwhile, Bangalore-based IISc researchers said they will collect samples and check the pollution levels and the real cause behind the dead fish.

Meanwhile, researchers from IISc will collect water samples and check the pollutant levels of the Ulsoor lake. Unlike other lakes in Bangalore, Ulsoor lake always remained a popular spot with morning walkers and tourists visitng it almost continuously though its water remained green with algae.

Those who live in the vicinity said the lake was cleaned 20 years ago and remained unattended, leading to high levels of pollutants in the lake.

What’s Behind Bellandur Lake Fire?

Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake

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