Last Tweets of Bobbi Kristina Brown Point at Her Los Angeles Move for Career

bobbi kristina with mother whtiney HoustonA close look at Bobbi Kristina Brown tweets before she was found unconscious in her bathtub with head down show that she indeed had plans to move to Los Angeles and she did say in reference to her boyfriend Nick Gordon.

“Let’s start this career up&&moving OUT to TO YOU ALLLL quick shall we!?” was her last tweet on January 29. The next tweet said, “On my own”, which could be her decision to part ways with Gordon or to say simply that she moving on to a serious career like her mother.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead; See live updates here.

Another tweet said the 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston has apparently told her childhood friend Bess Beckmann, who is currently cooperating with Georgia Bureau of Investigations to know what exactly happened before her fateful day on Jan 31.

While some reports said that Gordon had a clash with her learning her moves to give her career a push. However, Beckmann doesn’t give away details but blames the culprits invoking ‘Karma’, which means the perpetrator of a crime ultimately pays for his sins as is the belief in Hindusim.

“If the judicial system doesn’t take care of it, karma will,” said her tweet reflecting the mood. Here are some tweets by Bobbi Kristina Brown before Jan. 31 and the last one was on Jan 29. It means, she was mostly under the influence of drugs for almost one day on Jan 30 as she was found on Jan 31 morning.

However, as of Dec 29, 2014, just one month before she tweeted her love for him saying, “Missing my baby …:(@nickdgordon .. Baby your my everything , you are my life .. Every and anything , you are ALLLL of that. ”

A month later, Bobbi Kristina was in coma that kept her on life-support until June without any hope of recovery and the family deciding to move her from an Atlanta hospital to the Peachtree Christian Hospice facility, where all her life-support system was removed.

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