Journalist Alleges Poor Profiling of ‘Tribals’ in Baahubali

SS Rajamouli’s film “Baahubali” has become an all-time hit not merely in Telugu but in Indian Cinema history as such that even famous journalist and former Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta, who took to micro-blogging site twitter, criticized the film on how tribals are being portrayed in the movie.

Shekhar Gupta tweeted, “Most awful film portrayal of tribals in #Bahubali. Dark, scar-faced, ugly rapist brutes with rotting black teeth. Shameful profiling.”

Later, the tweet went viral and a lot of Baahubali supporters disagreed and attacked the journalist over his remark, some of them even said they are ashamed of themselves thinking the journalist was a wise person.


Bahubali has created unprecedented aura around S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus that collected Rs.325 crore in 10 days.

The film has two tribals actually in the film, one where the hero was brought up by a loving mother and the other where there was a war with an invading army. The invading army was depicted in black but there was no mention in the film that they were tribals.

So, Shekhar Gupta was not right when he said the tribals were depicted ugly in the film as the first tribe shows rich tradition and warmth to bring up the hero himself.

Secondly, the director was careful to refer to the invading army as foreign-language speaking invaders and a special language was devised for them. Unless the director himself gives out, there is no way to establish the anti-tribal tone in the film.


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