India Starting Online Registry to Combat Hepatitis Better

Taking a major step ahead to combat Hepatitis about whose subsistence nearly 75 percent individuals are unaware in India, the country’s foremost gastroenterologists have declared that an online registry will soon get underway in order to record the growing numbers of hepatitis patients, as per media reports.


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The registry will be a fragment of the recently created Indian National Association for Study of the Liver and Current Perspective in Liver Disease, which comprises of the foremost gastroenterologists of India.

As part of this program, member physicians and health workers will tally the number of individuals who suffer from hepatitis, and other liver illnesses triggered by it.

The team will also be responsible for circulating information on hepatitis to the regional hospitals as well as help the health clinics situated in the distant places of India obtain the required medicine supply for treating the disease.

Pointing out that hepatitis was 28 times more perilous than AIDS, owing to the former’s lack of symptoms as it develops in a patient, the experts said that they felt the absence of awareness in people about the disease should be confronted and taken care of.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), informed that annually four lakh people die in India, owing to liver diseases – a consequence of hepatitis.

The institute further said that Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are the states among some others, to contain the most number of affected individuals.

S.K Acharya who heads the department of gastroenterology at AIIMS said that 75 percent of the hepatitis be it hepatitis B or hepatitis C can be cured at the early stage, nevertheless due to the symptoms not visible the sufferer gets aware about it only when the virus spreads enough to trigger liver cancer.

Acharya added that they aim to throw light on the hot spots of the country and eventually provide proper medical healthcare in those regions to help in the betterment of the situation, and tackle hepatitis and the liver diseases it triggers.

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal told PTI that pregnant women have an increases possibility to develop Hepatitis E virus infection that may lead to Acute Liver Failure (ALF).

Anil Arora who is a gastroenterologist at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi told IANS that the medicines on hand at present for combating hepatitis are very costly and not every citizen can afford to buy them, therefore via the registry the doctors plan to search for the hot spots of the country first and then increase awareness among them, involving offering all the required facilities to diagnose the disease at an initial stage only.

IANS also reported that a new drug known as “Sofosbuvir” is thought to be an apt cure for Hepatitis C patients in the span of 24 weeks. Nevertheless, the medicine at present costs more than Rs. 1 lakh for the whole treatment that cannot be afforded by the financially backward groups of the country.

According to our earlier report, the World Health Organization (WHO) informed that approximately four to six crore people suffer from Hepatitis B in India. This number covers up two to five percent of the country’s population, besides the annual report of one lakh people dying of viral hepatitis.

WHO also reported that hepatitis that is marked under “unclassified” or “undifferentiated” in India are not registered to the central registry and even viral hepatitis is not routinely examined and the government never put reports of hepatitis in publications.

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