Chinese Researchers develop Super Powered Batteries Chargeable in 7 seconds

In a breakthrough, a super powered battery was developed by Chinese scientists that may revolutionize the battery-charging problem for many smartphones and electronic devices.

The battery is based on a super capacitor with better energy capacity using nitrogen and graphene-like carbon.

Huang Fuqiang, a researcher at the the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics.

“We are able to make carbon a much better super capacitor,” said Huang Fuqiang, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics.

With the new battery, smartphones can run for weeks while the electric vehicles may travel for 35 km after charging for just seven seconds, said researchers. Their findings have been published in the journal Science.

The same Chinese institute has been exploring magnesium-based (mg) batteries making progress in Dual-salt hybrid system with conversion cathodes and transition-metal free system activated by anionic insertion, according to recent research reports.

Mg batteries are typical multivalent batteries with high volumetric energy density and smooth plating/stripping of Mg anodes. However, current limitations for the progress of Mg batteries come from the lack of high voltage electrolytes and fast Mg-insertable structure prototypes.

The commercially available carbonic ester electrolytes would passivate Mg anode, and cannot be used in Mg batteries. Recently, the research group led by Prof. Chilin Li from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed Mg-based battery systems and their reaction mechanisms.

These works are supported by the “Hundred Talents” program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.


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