Chilean Doctor Invents New Therapy for Cancer

An inventive immunological treatment that targets carcinogenic cells in human beings by elevating the body’s anti-tumor reaction was displayed in Chile in Santiago.

Claudio Acuna who is a scientist at the University of Santiago and the creator of the invention informed that the treatment is still in the pre-clinical stage. He added that the treatment will soon be patented in U.S, as per Xinhua News Agency reports.


Photo Credit: Rhoda Baer

Acuna said that the goal of this treatment is to produce a vaccine for those individuals who have already started to give indications of cancer and to help them mend their immunological reaction against tumors. “We don’t expect to reverse the cancer but offer an alternative,” he added.

Acuna said at a news conference at the Chile Image Foundation that at present he is considering to raise funds to resume with the clinical stage of his inventive treatment that has the possibility to last 8 to 10 years.

“We need to wait for patents approval before progressing to the other stages,” Acuna said, adding that their project is concentrated on mending the patients’ quality of life in the longer term and to produce a treatment that additional to the standard treatments.

Acuna further informed that this immunotherapy is accessible for a wide range of patients who suffer from skin, lung, breast, prostrate, colon and several other types of cancers in their progressive periods.

It is guesstimated this new inventive approach could reduce the health care expenses across the globe, by 70 percent as compared to equivalent therapies.

Acuna said that known treatments against cancer generally involves surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and prescribed therapies that trigger side-effects and reflect inferior effectiveness in the final stages of the disease, and usually are costly.

“This therapy will not have side-effects and shouldn’t be more harmful,” he explained, adding that from the perspective of cost the treatment could be “marketed,” and will not make the patient bear more than 500,000 Chilean pesos – the same as nearly 750 U.S dollars.

Annually, over 10 million people are diagnosed with new cases of cancer in the world, as per the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2012, nearly 8.2 million people lost their lives to the disease.

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