Kattappa prepares to kill Bahbali

Bahubali 2: Why Kattappa Back-Stabbed His Master Revealed

kattappaAs “Bahubali, the Conclusion”, the sequel to “Bahubali, The Beginning” is underway, its director SS Rajamouli is keeping the script so close to his heart that not even an iota of the text is seen though the shooting has hit the floor.

In fact, on April 1, he woke up to hear from someone that the truth behind Kattappa’s act was out on the internet that made him jump out of his bed and scan the entire Internet to realise that it was only an April Fool joke. But he knew that the truth would leak sooner than later, notwithstanding the release of the film.

Here is an instinctive version of Why Kattappa killed Bahubali, rather backstabbed his own master. Since he was a slave to the ruler, he had no other choice but to kill Bahubali, who was unceremoniously removed from the throne. While this is merely a consequence, the obvious focus is on what made Bahubali loose his throne and how Devasena married Bahubali despite aggressive overtures from Bhallala Deva?

Here, the sacrificial angle of Bahubali will come under scanner. He has decided to abdicate the throne for some complicated reason and hence looses his command over Kattappa, who liked him since his childhood. But the ugly turn of events came when Bhallala Deva, the new King ordered him to kill his former master and prove his loyalty to the throne. Hence, Kattappa decides to back-stab his ex-master as he was not willing to face him from the front.

Sources say that the story is gripping throughout and the turn of events lead to Devasena vowing to take her revenge and finally her son Shiva fulfils her wish by dragging Billa on to the same place where she had collected sticks to burn her bete noir alive.  Apparently, Anushka Shetty, who is also seen “Zero Size” with more weight put on will act in some pregnancy-related scenes before returning to her real size for other sequences.

Bahubali played by Prabhas, Billa by Rana Daggubati and Kattappa by Tamil actor Satyajit, the film is the first in sequence release in Indian history. Shooting is underway in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad since December 2015, though soaring heat has delayed continuity in shooting  this month. As Rajamouli himself said while speaking at Busan Asian Film Market, the second part would be “more emotional and with more grandeur.”

The emotional part is bequething the throne for Devasena and more grandeur was already evident from the first part of the film. With Kattappa’s killing of Bahubali known, the film’s next twist is whether the self-declared slave will listen to his new young master to the extent of killing Billa or not.

Rajamouli told fans in South Korea, “We realize that the commercial success of part one predominantly came from the visual effects and the war. And I know people will be expecting more from the second part. They will not be dissatisfied. It will be much bigger.”

The bigger show is scheduled for a worldwide release on 14 April 2017 with assured success again.


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